3 Best 11-Inch Laptops Under $300 (Plus a Bonus Laptop)

Everyone who wants to buy a laptop goes to a shop or orders online. No one ever notices the size of a laptop. Everyone prefers high Processor, RAM, and the latest generation. But some people see the laptop’s size. For those people, we are writing this review article.

Today at Bigeno, we will mention three 11-inch laptops plus a bonus review of a 10-inch laptop.

I have seen some people who like 11-inch display, but unfortunately, no one has written a review of those 11-inch laptops. So today, we will review the 3 best 11-inch laptops for under $300.

Also, we will review one laptop whose display is 10-inch. That laptop look is cool, so that is why I am giving this to my users as a bonus.

The three 11-inch laptops and 10-inch laptop previews are as follow:

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Have you seen those laptops? If yes, then please let me explain some features of those laptops too.

Features of Having Small-Sized Laptops?

Accommodates Less Space

The very first feature about small laptops is, they accommodate less space as compared to other laptops. They are light-weight, and you can carry those laptops in your hands. Most people use backpacks, but you can carry these laptops even in your hands.

Works in Full Speed

The size of these laptops is small, but that doesn’t mean their speed is low. They work at maximum speed, and all these laptops are upgradeable. You can increase the RAM, Hard Disk, or any other thing you want.

Looks More Attractive

As they are small in size, they look more attractive. I also had a small-sized laptop. Everyone who has seen my laptop often asked me where I got it? I bought that laptop from my friend’s shop, but no doubt, its look was attractive.

Long Battery Life

The Battery life of these laptops is incredible. Each laptop has a battery timing of more than 8 hours, so don’t think that the battery is small, so the battery’s timing will be short. The size of the battery is small, but that doesn’t mean it will deliver smaller output.

Best For Office Work

Those who are tired of carrying big laptops in their offices can use these mini laptops for their offices.

These were the best features of having small-sized laptops, and now I will review every laptop I mentioned.

#1:HP Chromebook MediaTek MT8183

HP Chromebook MediaTek MT8183 Best Laptop of 11 Inches Under 300

The first laptop that comes on our list is the production of a famous laptop brand named HP. The model I have mentioned is MediaTek MT8183, and this is the best laptop of 11 inches.

It has more than 15 hours of battery timing, and the display of this laptop is eye-catchy. You can stream movies or watch other videos in high-quality and outstanding results.

This HP laptop also comes in a touch screen variant. Those who like to use touch screen laptops can buy this laptop for their personal use.

This laptop’s three colors are available, and they are Snow White, Indigo Blue, and Ash Gray. There are two USB ports and a headphone jack to use this laptop for streaming movies. Most people wear headphones when they stream movies, so for them, this is the best laptop ever.

Pros & Cons

  • Smart display
  • 1-year warranty
  • Eye-catchy color
  • 15 hours of battery timing
  • Touch screen variant is also available
  • No USB 3.0 ports, so you may face time issues while transferring data

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#2:ASUS L203MA-DS04

ASUS L203MA-DS04 11-Inch Laptop Under 300

ASUS L203MA-DS04 is best for those who are looking for an 11-inch display. This ASUS variant has a stunning design, and you get Microsoft 365 free for one year when you buy this laptop.

The ASUS brand is well-known in the laptops industry. It has a digital array microphone and a 3.5 combo jack that lets you insert any audio device you want.

The Bluetooth 4.1 feature helps to receive or share any file from smartphones or other laptops in less than no time. This laptop is compatible with Windows 10 Operating System, and Windows 10 is faster than other operating systems if you use this Windows on SSD hard drive.

Pros & Cons

  • 3 USB ports
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Clean and clear display
  • 10 hours of battery timing
  • Complete web camera support
  • Bluetooth 4.1 and 3.5 combo jack
  • No backlit keyboard

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#3:HP Chromebook 11 Intel Celeron

HP Chromebook 11 11-Inch Laptop Under 300 Dollars

So that is the last 11-inch laptop on our list, and after that, we will review a bonus laptop for our users.

So HP Chromebook 11 is the first laptop on our list that is equipped with the latest technology. This piece comes in an SSD hard drive of 16 GB. When you insert an SSD hard in your laptop, the speed of your laptop increases 10 times. The Solid State Drive (SSD) loads this laptop’s operating system in less than no time.

This laptop’s processor speed is 2.48 GHz and gives more than 12 hours of battery support. Three USB ports of 3.0 speed help you to transfer data faster.

The 2.0 USB port takes time, but the 3.0 USB port takes no time in transferring data from one place to another. Moreover, a 4 GB RAM of DDR 3 format is inserted. These RAMS make your laptop’s speed faster than the others.

Pros & Cons

  • DDR 3 RAMS
  • SSD Hard Drive
  • 3 USB Ports of 3.0 Format
  • Lightweight laptop with lithium metal batteries
  • No additional software for free; you have to buy them yourself

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HBESTORE HL1068 11-Inch Laptop Under $300

So this is the last laptop of our Today’s article, and its size is a little bit smaller than the others. We wrote reviews of three laptops, and each laptop’s size was 11 inches, but now the laptop we are reviewing is a bonus for small laptop lovers.

The size of this laptop is 10.1 inches, and this laptop is best for females. Females often like Blue color laptops, so that is why I recommend this laptop for females.

HBESTORE HL1068 has a vibrant display plus an excellent front camera with Bluetooth 4.0. The Bluetooth connection of this laptop pairs well with other devices in less than no time. The transfer rate of both Bluetooth and system updated is best. It has a 3.0 USB port and one headphone jack.

The USB port is equipped with the latest technology of 3.0, so moving or transferring files from USB is no longer a problem. The battery is made of Lithium Polymer and has 3000 MAH power. A 3000 MAH battery power lasts for more than 10 hours, so you get a 10 hours battery backup with this laptop.

Pros & Cons

  • DDR 3 RAMS
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 10 inches size
  • 3.0 USB Ports
  • 10 hours of battery backup
  • Display resolution is 1280×800, so it is a bit smaller resolution because of its small size

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So that’s all for today, and I will see you in the next story.

In the upcoming days, we will share touchscreen laptops with our users, so be ready for that.

If you have any questions, then please let us know. We will update this list when we see a new laptop of 11 inches, so don’t forget to visit our website regularly as we will only write articles related to laptops in the upcoming days.

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