3 Best Batteries For Dell Latitude D830 Series Laptops Under $50

Your Dell Laptop of the Latitude series is turning off quickly? If I am right, then the reason is simple. Your battery got weaker, and you want to replace it. But, which battery to use?

This is the question every person asks. No one knows that which battery is best for the latitude laptops. And no doubt, it is challenging to identify a suitable battery because several batteries have arrived on the market, so it is challenging to locate the appropriate battery.

So Today at Bigeno, we will review three batteries that are best for latitude series laptops. These batteries also work with other dell laptops. We will mention the name of every laptop with which these batteries work. So be ready, and here is the list of the three laptop batteries that we will review:

  1. SIB DL8200LH
  2. Dongguan Lewe D830
  3. SIB DL8200LH – M1

So, are you worried that these batteries will work or no? These will work best, and your latitude laptop will run long without turning off. Don’t worry about this thing. These are the best batteries ever, and here is a little preview of them.





SIB DL8200LH Dell D830 Laptop Battery
11.1 Volts (5200 mAh) 6 Cells Battery

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Dongguan LEWE D830 Battery For Dell Latitude Series
11.1 Volts (7800 mAh) 9 Cells Battery

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SIB DL8200LH M1 Laptop Battery For Dell Latitude Series
10 Volts (4400 mAh) 6 Cells Battery

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So the three batteries that I will review are as follow. Now let’s start. I will inspect every battery, and you have to read the review. After reading the review, you will have to decide which battery is best for your latitude laptop.

#1:SIB DL8200LH

SIB DL8200LH Dell D830 Laptop Battery

SIB DL8200LH is a 6-cell lithium-ion battery compatible with several dell latitude laptops. It is a fantastic battery with excellent output and low power consumption. This battery has 11.1 volts of voltage, and these voltages are enough to run your laptop for countless hours. Its overall power is 5200 mAh, and it works well with the latitude laptop.

The second important thing is its cells. It is a 6-cell battery, but it is equipped with A-grade cells. These A-grade cells increase your battery power, and your dell laptop’s battery will be charged in less than no time. No matter how many hours your charger is plugged in, these cell’s power will not lose, and you will not face any issues in battery timing and charging.

All the products are Made in China and certified by CE ROHS UL1642 FCC. Don’t worry; you will get a sustainable battery with powerful cells and voltages.

The last thing is its compatibility. So this battery is compatible with the following devices:

  • Dell Latitude = D531 and D830
  • Laptops Precision = M4300
  • Mobile Workstations = XD735 XD736 YD624 YD626 YW652 YW670 310-9122 310-9123 312-0393 312-0401 3120394 3120538 451-10308 451-10326 451-10410 CW666 0CW674 0DF192 0DF230 0DF249 0FF232 0GR932 0GX047 0HR048 0HX306 0JT784 0MM158 0MM160 0NX618 0WN979 0XD736 0YD624 0YD626 0YW652 0YW670

So this battery is compatible with almost every device, including latitude laptops and precision laptops. I have listed every device with which this battery is compatible, so make sure to read that carefully.

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#2:Dongguan Lewe D830

Dongguan LEWE D830 Battery For Dell Latitude Series

Now comes another battery that Futurebatt Inc manufactures. This battery is also compatible with several devices, especially the device you want to connect with.

So, it is a lithium-ion 9-cell battery whose cells are healthy compared to others. You have to charge your laptop’s battery completely, and once you have completed the charging. You will forget to charge the battery again because it will take numerous hours to finish charging. That is the benefit of using a 9-cell battery, and this battery is also certified by CE/ ROHS and FFC. So you don’t have to worry about its safety.

Again the volts are 11.1, and the power is 7800 mAh. The cells are 9, so that’s why this battery’s energy is higher.

One last thing I like about its manufacturer is its guaranty. Futurebatt Inc gives 60 days money-back guaranty and 18 months replacement warranty. If your laptop’s timing decreases, you don’t have to worry. You’ve got 18 months to replace this battery whenever you want. That’s a very cool feature I like about Futurebatt Inc.

Now comes the list of compatible devices, and these are as follow:

  • Dell Latitude D531, D531N, D820 and D830
  • ┬áPrecision M4300 Mobile Workstation, Precision M65, 310-9122 312-0393 312-0401 451-10308 451-10326 451-10410 DF192 DF230 DF249

You’ve to see your device configuration, and if it is compatible, please order it as soon as possible.

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#3:SIB DL8200LH – M1

SIB DL8200LH M1 Laptop Battery For Dell Latitude Series

So it’s the turn of the last battery on our list. The battery I mentioned on the first spot is a sequel of that. There is the only difference: it’s older than that. Almost everything is the same, but some things are changed. That battery was manufactured later, so SIB has made remarkable improvements in that.

It is a 4400mAh battery whose weight is 1 pound. It is a high-quality and sustainable battery that will increase your laptop’s timing. The 4400mAh is enough to turn your laptop on for a half-day, or we can call 12 hours.

Moreover, the D830 laptop consumes less battery. This battery works best even at high temperatures. Sometimes, multitasking increases your laptop’s temperature, and that load affects the battery directly, but this SIB’s model adjusts the temperature well, and the battery is consumed accordingly. The cells of this battery are healthier, so you get no time shortage while multitasking.

No matter how many tasks you perform, you will get the same backup this battery gives every time to its user.

Compatible devices are as follow:

  • Dell 451-10308 451-10327 Latitude D531 D820 D830

This is the older model, so it doesn’t support Workstation devices.

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So this was the review of the three batteries I mentioned. Number 2 is the best for latitude laptops, but it is a little bit expensive, that is why I placed it in the 2nd spot. That battery will be enough if you want to invest the money for just one time.

So that was our first article related to batteries. We will review more batteries for different laptops in the upcoming days.

Any questions related to these batteries, please comment in our comments section. We are here to solve your problems.

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